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The ‘Mo’ Awards Benevolent Fund Policy.



The Australian ‘Mo’ Awards is a registered charity and non-profit organisation which raises funds to provide personal relief/assistance arising from hardship and/or illness among those working in the Australian Live Entertainment Profession.


The elected Trustees of the benevolent committee will consider requests for assistance and/or grants of financial assistance and to sanction payment in accordance within our guidelines to which all help is administered. Work needs to be done examining the claims and the true state of affairs before granting assistance.


Nature of Assistance.

‘Mo’ Awards Benevolent Assistance will be for those associated within the Live Entertainment Variety/Cabaret Profession and who are in real distress. If the Trustees are of the opinion that there is need for relief or assistance, this will be at the confidential discretion of the Trustees.

The Mo Awards have provided assistance to the Live Entertainment Profession for many years and has not had to reject any eligible application. Because of limited funding and volume of applications, our current financial policy is to provide a maximum benefit as determined by the Trustees providing there is legitimate assistance to be paid for. Financial assistance will only be given by the Trustees from its Mo Awards cheque book account.



For assistance, applications may be lodged by anybody in the said profession. An applicant can be any person who has earned his/her living from live entertainment for the greater part of his/her adult working life or any person who has been continuously self employed for at least the last five (5) years in categories including but not limited to the following: Live Variety/Cabaret Performer – Artist of Australian Variety Entertainment.


Applications are to be submitted in writing to: The Secretary,  Australian Entertainment ‘MO’ Awards Inc, Po Box 26 Windale NSW 2306

or email the [email protected]

or click on the link below to complete the "Request For Benevolence Form"


Some Financial Assistance is a Loan.

The Trustees will always endeavour to provide the most practical assistance on an applicant by applicant basis. With an ever-growing number of people seeking assistance, it will be stressed to all successful financial applicants that once a client gets back on his/her feet (financially); it is important (but not necessary) to pay back the loan to the ‘Mo’ Awards Benevolent Fund and also become a member of the Australian ‘Mo’ Awards.


Non-Financial Assistance. 
The Trustees will endeavour to assist with other resources, help and support by connecting a recipient with many national help lines which include: Counseling services, Alcoholics Anonymous, Lifeline, The Australian Drug Foundation, The Cancer Council, Centerlink, Diabetes Australia, National Health Care, Gambling Helpline, The Stroke Foundation, Disability Services, Relationships Australia, Beyond Blue and many more …if needed.



It is expressly declared that the Recipient and the Trustees will hold all financial correspondence in confidence and no communication (electronic or otherwise) of any financial dealings will be revealed to any other party. This also includes any third party who is contributing to the recipient’s relief in any form.


All financial matters are to be strictly CONFIDENTIAL at all times; as help is always given discreetly and with sensitivity.


Trustees of The ‘Mo’ Awards Benevolent Committee.

The A.E.M.A Inc Trustees along with the A.E.M.A Inc Board of Directors are the absolute guardians of these Mo Awards funds. The Trustees should always be mindful of agreement, taking great care, caution and investigation when distributing benevolence.


All Trustees have a position of great moral compass for the ‘Mo’ Award members and will be elected by vote for their position. No trustee of the benevolent committee shall be entitled to any financial remuneration. This committee shall hold office for a period of 3 years from the date of the nomination/election. They can always stand for re-election. 


The Trustee Committee shall meet as frequently as necessary as directed by its chairman. It is recommended that members of the benevolent committee visit or send a form of benevolence to those of the Australian Live Variety/Cabaret Entertainment Profession who are recovering in hospital, nursing homes or places of respite.




1. “Recipient” means: A person who has worked in or contributed to the Australian Live Variety/Cabaret Entertainment Profession; and is a person who is a citizen or a permanent resident of Australia.


2. “A person who has worked in or contributed to the Australian Live Variety/Cabaret Entertainment Profession” in the case of a person seeking financial assistance is:

        a. Any person who has earned a living from live variety/cabaret entertainment within Australia for the greater part of his/her adult working life.


b. Any person who has worked for at least five years within Australia who considers they have contributed to the Live Variety/Cabaret Entertainment Profession.


c. Any person including but not limited to the following: Artist/Performer of Australian Live Variety/Cabaret Entertainment.

Note:  Annual tax returns may be required as confirmation of such employment/remuneration details.


3. A Recipient is considered to be in need or suffering hardship if he or she is in financial difficulty because of illness, accident, old age, death of a person on whom they were dependent or suffered some other misfortune.

Note: A recipient would not normally include a party claiming for motoring expenses, credit card bills, household repairs/bills or rent, but such claims may be considered based on particular circumstances.


4. Assistance Limitations.

a. (I) For the avoidance of doubt, it is expressly declared that the benevolent funds will not be used to support a person whose only claim for relief arises from want of employment, or (II) to FULLY pay for a funeral, even if the deceased was formerly eligible or an actual recipient of relief.


b. Before providing any assistance the Trustees will take into account that any person applying for assistance has exhausted any/all other avenues of assistance.


c. Whenever possible, approved financial relief will be paid directly to a third party such as a public utility and not to a recipient. The Trustees will never pay directly into a recipient’s bank account.


d. It will be stressed to all successful financial applicants that once a recipient gets back on his/her feet; it is important for the recipient to consider repayment of the financial assistance so that the Trustees can continue their benevolent work.


e. At their discretion, the Trustees reserve the right to deny or approve relief without entering into any discussion. The Trustees have limited funds and any application may be rejected for lack of funds.


5. Relief may be provided by the Trustees facilitating the provision of counseling or specialist advice by a third party to a recipient.


6. All Trustee decisions of benevolence will be absolutely final.