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1941 - 2015
Creator of the Prestigious 'MO' Statuette

He didn't sing professionally, dance or play a musical instrument and he didn't act or entertain on stage.

Yet Helmut Fischer of Cooranbong became the only person in the 36th  year history of the variety profession's 'MO' Awards to be presented with one of the highly coveted Australian variety profession statues because, well, he was the creator.

No, he didn't make a success of a show business career - he literally created this now well recognised prestigious statue itself.

Helmut once said "It's only taken 36 years to be presented with my own award," said the master craftsman who has invented and made everything from mechanical fish that swim like real fish to working scale models of roof bolters for underground mining and he even created NBN television's famous Big Dog.

Helmut once said; "Back in 2012 I was asked to go along to the 36th Mo Awards presentation night dinner, I thought purely as a guest. I was absolutely stunned, completely taken by surprise, when I was called to the stage and presented with my own 'MO'. I had no idea at all what had been planned. I didn't have a speech prepared, or anything," he said

The name of the award came at the suggestion of Don Lane who back in 1975 suggested to the then new chairman of the Variety Star Awards, Johnny O'Keefe, that the name Australian Variety Mo Awards be used in recognition of famous Australian vaudevillian comedian MO McCackie.

"I was selected by tender in 1976 to design and make the original of the now iconic 'MO' Award statuette, but I never thought I'd ever actually get one."

Sadly Helmut passed away on Friday 16th October 2015 aged 74.

Helmut, we remember you!